General Rules of Discipline

The principal may chastise a student for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, by detention after class hours or by other minor punishments or ask him to discontinue if he is guilty of serious matters.

Students are to contribute to the high standard of the academy by their manners and general good behaviour. Hence for the smooth running of the academy no student should bring to academy any object liable to prove a source of disturbance.

As for as pasture 1 cleanliness, silence, politeness, honesty, attention to work and respect to teachers and companions are concerned the academy should be looked upon as a pace for reverence and discipline.

Absolute silence must be mentioned at all places during the teaching hours, computer room the general assembly or on thee-way to and from the class room.

Students should keep their classes and the academy compound spotlessly dean using the bins provided for waste paper and rubbish.

Students are not allowed to visit staff room without prior permission of either the principal or the teachers.

The general assembly is the most important part of the academy day. Every student should be present to begin the day with prayer to god and listen to the important announcements. At the first bell all must form in classes immediately for the assembly where they will pray in common and move silently to their classroom.

They should be friendly courteous and co-operatly towards other students of the academy, treating everyone with respect and conducting them selves in a dignified manner.

Students can always approach the principal individually for any reasonable or sympathetic consideration but not collectively.

Students repeatedly coming late or forgetting to bring books or coming without the proper uniform may be punished or send back home.